Why should I buy a reconditioned lower unit

Difference between a used lower unit and a reconditioned lower unit.
Most of the lower units that we take a part to recondition have something going on inside that needs to be corrected, whether it’s seals that are getting bad, chipped tooth in a gear, or a bad bearing, there’s usually something that needs to be addressed. The pinion and forward gear are inspected closely for hairline cracks in the teeth that could cause a failure in the future. Any time there is a hard strike with the lower unit hitting a rock or stump a failure could happen, so the gears need to be looked at very closely. We also can use our Magnaflux chemical crack detection dye if we think there may be a gear crack.
For these reasons, we do not sell lower units or used lower units that have not been disassembled and inspected. When we reassemble a lower unit we always put in new seals and o-rings. We also pressure check and vacuum check and usually sand and primer so they are ready for a top coat. We ship our lower units with synthetic fluid and a new water pump impeller. We also back up our sales with phone technical support if you have any questions about the installation or the adjustment of your lower unit. We believe this is a far better value even though it is a little more expensive than just sending a used lower unit, because you will have the peace of mind when you’re out on the water that your lower unit will perform as it should.
Reconditioned lower units with used gears come with a 6 month warranty and rebuilt lower units with new gears come with a one year warranty.   Johnson and Evinrude lower units are our specialty.
Other names for lower units are, gearcase, Johnson foot, Evinrude foot, and I’ve even had one customer call  it an under water unit.