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Advanced Marine

A little more information about us: We are Advanced Marine Inc located in northern Michigan in the town of Interlochen.
Advanced Marine has been servicing boaters since 1986 and although we no longer offer general repair, we still have a strong focus on lower units and we have very competitive pricing and quality.

We are committed to making your purchase a pleasant experience. Most of our customers that purchase lower units from us install the unit and adjust it themselves. We offer over the phone assistance with your home installation if needed. If you are after parts, we only sell trusted high quality lower unit replacement parts, the same parts we put into our units. You can buy here with confidence.

We have 7 employees working here, which makes us a small to medium-sized business. We like it that way so that we can make sure that our customers get the attention they deserve. It’s not unusual for me to be answering questions and helping customers from 9 in the morning till 9 at night in the summer months. Feel free to call anytime you need a parts quote or some advice.

Advanced Marine: The original crew

The original crew, we were younger then, look I still have hair. I’m the one in the middle with the cheesy stash.

Advanced Marine: Joe Eby, the owner, a few years back.

Joe Eby, the owner, many years back. and that’s how I spend my day, helping customers on the phone. There are some interesting people in this country and I believe I have talked to a few of them, you know who you are.


Aerial photo of the shop taken in 2000 by Joe Eby, the owner.


Learn about the crew here.

About: Joe Eby-The owner of the company

Joe Eby is the founder and owner of Advanced Marine. He started the company 31 years ago and has been there ever since. Joe generally answers the phone, give customers tech help, and generally runs the shop.  In his spare time, Joe enjoys snowmobiling and exploring the woods in his dune buggy. Joe is from Traverse City, Michigan.

About: Merri Hulgan-The office manager joemerri

Merri is the office manager of Advanced Marine. She deals with all the parts we send nationwide. Merri has worked for Advanced Marine for 6 years and has become crucial to running the business. In her spare time, Merri enjoys snowmobiling and biking. Merri is from Illinois.

Sam is our in-house mechanic. He helps recondition all of the lower units we sell. In his spare time, Sam enjoys riding his motorcycle in Northern Michigan.